Buy & Sell Bitcoin - Limited Time: Sell at 2%!

Eastridge Center  - 2200 Eastridge Loop #2062, San Jose 95122


Enter near USPS and JCPenney, ATM is located under the base of the escalator (see map below). 

Buy & Sell Bitcoin For Cash!

Dispenses $20 and $100 bills. Volume discounts starting at $100, and $1,000. VIP pricing available. Message for inquiries.

VIP pricing available. For any transactions of $10,000+ please contact customer service or email support. 

Phone: 1-844-668-2286

Text: (425)507-1010

Email: support@novabtm.com

Beware of scams. Do not send bitcoin to people you don't know. Like cash, bitcoin transactions are non refundable.Please read our section on Known Scams if you have any questions.

Eastridge ATM.jpeg